Filmill Engineering - Precision Engineering

30 years experience in precision engineering encompassing many sectors of the automotive industry, specializing in machining from raw castings.

Our work includes Rolls Royce and Bently cylinder blocks and heads, Ford cylinder blocks and heads, Alvis, Manx Norton

Protoype work is another of our forte specializing in small batch work, which is often all that is required.

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Our Services


We offer CNC vertical milling up to "X" 1000 x "Y" 550 "Z" 550mm.
We are also able to CNC machine horizontally up to "X" 800 x "Y" 500 "Z" 560mm.


CNC/Manual turning up to 400mm swing.

Jig Boring

A working envelope of "X" 450 x "Y" 350mm. Table to spindle nose is 620mm.

Surface Grinder

J & S 540.

We are also able to offer patterns and castings through associated companies.